Greetings everyone!  This week (December 4th-10th, 2017) is Computer Science Education Week!  We are celebrating this week by discussing our favorite resources to use with your students this week.
Made with Code: This is created by Google.  It gives simple, easy to use projects for students to complete and code.  Geared more toward getting girls into coding, however, it is suitable for everyone.
Google CS First: Geared toward students ages 9-14, CS First offers full curriculum to teachers and students.  Best of all, there is no experience needed!  As a teacher, if you know nothing about coding, this is a good place to go.
Khan Academy: Lots to offer.  Computer programming, Javascript, HTML and more.  A little more advanced than CS first.  MS and HS routes.  Offers creation of classrooms or groups, and can sync with google classroom.
Scratch and Scratch Jr.:  Graphical coding from MIT Android app development, javascript, python, higher end programming, YouTube videos.
Cubelets: Magnetic Blocks that attach to each other to perform a task.  Can be used as a stand-alone product or you can program them. One of my favorites.  Very well done.  Longer and shorter lessons and all ages covered.
Code Academy: Similar to or, this site offers a graphical way to program.
This list is incomplete!  Do you have something you use in your class?  Share it with me.