Greetings again, folks!  Lab safety is the topic for today.  What is it that make a safe lab you ask?  In my classes with power tools, hand tools, all sorts of stuff, I take it very seriously.  However, the rules that we use in class are relatively simple. The biggest thing I think I that needs to be addressed is safety is more about prevention and preparation than anything else.  I usually have a bin of safety glasses right by my door when I walk in. This way they can grab a pair right when they walk in the door. Students must always have a lesson on a piece of machinery before they use it as well.  They re quizzed on lab safety before they even step foot in the lab. All this may sound excessive, but like I said before, safety is more about preparation and prevention than anything else. Some other safety rules I have in my lab are:


-Brush benches with hand brooms and not your hands

-Compressed air is only to be used to inflate or dust off benches.  It can be very dangerous if air is sprayed on open skin.

-Make sure guards for all machines are in place

-No horseplay

-No open toed shoes

-Never work alone

-Tie back loose clothing


Hope that helps a bit.  For more tips you can check out Episode 7 of the podcast. See you Thursday!

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