What exactly is STEM?  Well that’s an easy question, right?  Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  But what really is STEM and STEAM education (STEM + Art)?  In my opinion, it’s a mindset. A mix of curriculums and a mix of two or more of these subject areas.  Teaching STEM is not teaching frog dissection, but rather teaching bridge building where students are calculating the strength of materials.  In New York where I am, MST has been the acronym used to describe this very thing.


STEM was created in 2001 by the National Science Foundation biologist Judith Ramaley by rearranging the letters in SMET.  From there on, STEM grew quickly as a subject area and career field. However, proficiency in the areas of math and science were not up to par with the number of jobs available in STEM/STEAM fields.  As a result, President Obama announced “Educate to Innovate” in 2009 to motivate students and recruit teachers.


Today, STEM is HUGE!  There are STEM projects and activities galore.  Many of these activities have been around for a while, but with STEM becoming popular, these activities have found a new category to be in.


STEM/STEAM is, like I stated, more of a mindset than anything else.  It uses a mix of different skills from Math, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Art.  Hopefully, as this website grows, so will your knowledge of STEM.