Episode 1


Back when I was a first year teacher, I struggled.  Behavior issues, planning, keeping your sanity;  It’s CRAZY!  Your stress level is through the roof, many times you feel like quitting.  That’s OK.  It’s normal, and everyone has experienced it before.  If you can get through your first year, chances are, you can make it a while in this profession.


Here are some tips to get you through it all:


-Eat right

-Get sleep

-Be prepared

-Plan out lessons on a planner, Google Calendar, or other electronic planning software like planbook.com

-Talk to other teachers

-Stick up for yourself

-Grade early and don’t be afraid to use tools to help you like flubaroo.com

-Delegate jobs to students

-Be ahead on ordering

-Focused time blocks (Pomodoro Method)

-Have procedures First Day’s of School

-Be businesslike, but don’t be mean

-Promote yourself

-Use Facebook, twitter, instagram if allowed

-Support: ITEEA, NYSTEEA, and any other association promoting STEM